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Peak Positioning (OTC: PKKFF) is in our opinion, extremely undervalued trading at around a nickel. PKKFF manages a portfolio of high-growth-potential companies and assets in some of the fastest growing tech sectors in China. They have funded, with $20 million dollars, a financial institution in China that uses Artificial Intelligence to rate and fulfill valuable commercial borrowers.

The goal will be to incorporate smart contracts into this process between lenders (PKKFF themselves) and borrowers. Currently, the SME marketplace in China is underserved and PKKFF is positioned to earn tens of millions of dollars in fees and profit from the spread between loan rates. Using their proprietary AI and blockchain strategy, we believe the company is expected to grow very fast in Q2 2018. Continue reading for further due-diligence on why we believe OTC: PKKFF may be the most profitable stock play this year. 


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The Stocks In Time Team

"Despite the hard work that the Peak team has put into getting these deals towards the final stages of completion, PKK (OTC: PKKFF) is still trading as a penny stock. The conversation I had with Mr. Joseph after details of the Banlan deal were announced had him enthusiastically stating that discussions between his team and Banlan led to the conclusion that Peak shares will eventually trade on the NASDAQ at $3.00 or greater..."

To be fair, the blogger on Seeking Alpha that wrote this was quoting the company and did go on to write that this was contingent on PKKFF following through with some of their ambitious goals. However, the fact that this company ended up on a publication like Seeking Alpha is a huge success in itself. The writer seems to hold an extremely positive outlook on the company as a whole. So at the end of the day, actions speak louder than words - how is PKKFF doing? Keep reading find out just that. 

1. Seeking Alpha mentioned PKKFF trading at $3.00

It's important to note, once again, that PKKFF is trading for a mere 5 cents. As shown below, market value for the company is at less than $5 million. In our opinion, OTC: PKKFF has the potential to trade substantially higher than that. This would be true even from an industry multiple standpoint of 10x or even 20x. We believe that with the right awareness and volume, PKKFF could make a major run up to higher levels. 

3. PKKFF has the revenues of a much higher priced stock. 

This is a statement that often attracts negativity from skeptics and self-pronounced market professionals. And frankly, it's understandable; it seems too good to be true. We always encourage our readers to do their own due-diligence and this is one of those scenarios. Dig through message boards, scanners and blogs and you'll quickly realize that stocks are making major moves like this on a regular basis. This isn't some mythical unicorn - once again, stocks do this on a regular basis. Below, you can see some examples of movements like this, but believe us when we say there are many, many more. 

2. One trade can make profits of 2,000% or more.

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